Cambridge Dog Walker

Who I am and what I do

A photo of Jon Coe My name is Jon Coe. I am now in my twelfth year of being the Cambridge Dog Walker. I love walking in the countryside and I love dogs. I walk for two hours every afternoon Monday to Friday.

I collect and deliver the dogs from anywhere within the City Boundaries. We walk for two hours every afternoon (Monday to Friday). The dogs are all off the lead for most of the walk and come to me when whistled. I only take dogs who are fairly adept at returning when called but I can cope with one in the group who needs help in mastering recall. We have a variety of walks ranging from Grantchester Meadows, Byrons Pool, The Roman Road, Quy Fen, Coldhams Common also Histon and Girton woods. I try to keep to a limit of 7 dogs each day. I will squeeze an extra one in for regular customers who are unexpectedly stuck for a walk as the dogs all know each other and myself. I walk at the pace of the slowest dog, which means when all the dogs are fit and able we go further. Most walks include a wood, open fields and a river. If there is no river or stream I take water and a bowl in my rucksack and we stop for ``water breaks''.

If there are bins available I always clear up any mess the dogs leave and even if there are no bins I never leave any mess on a footpath.

As most of my customers are at work during the day I am entrusted with keys. I am regularly ``police checked'' and have testimonials on this site from customers.

I try to return your dog in a reasonable condition, but dogs being dogs they do roll in some disgusting things sometimes. If there is a river nearby a swim can clean them up a bit but sometimes there is nothing much I can do except segregate the dog to a certain area of your house on return ie the kitchen or garden. This doesn't happen very often and most owners associate this with the dog having had a good time.

I have full public liability insurance with 1 million cover. This means that we are covered if your dog does some damage to a third party whilst in my care. Apart from that your dog should be insured by yourselves for vet fees etc.

My busiest time is in the winter, which means I am usually running at full capacity but I frequently have spaces in the summer owing to owners being on holiday. Its always worth getting in touch to see if I have any spaces. If I am full I may be able to recommend a good alternative. Try contacting me either by telephone or email. 

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